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Driving the Route 66 through cities


Route 66 is the most famous historical road in the United States, it’s also called The Mother Road and The Main Street of America. One small part of its popularity this road owes to various artists that sang songs about it and made television shows and movies with roadtripping down this piece of American history, because we all know that if you want to make something immortal in America, you need to dedicate a song to it or put it into film or TV show. One of the most famous songs about this road is “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66” written by Bobby Troup and sang by Nat King Cole. Bobby Troup decided to move from Pennsylvania to Cali, so he can find his place under the sun on the buzzing California music scene. He drove with his wife and 1941 Buick across the whole country, including the Route 66, after that he wrote this famous song. In the song he mentions 10 bigger and smaller settlements on the route, each so deeply buried inside the American dream, surviving all ups and downs this country went through in its modern history.


St. Louis, Missouri

City with one of the biggest parks in the country and a Gateway Arch, but also the home of the first private street in the US and very dangerous suburbia, where gangsters in blue uniforms shoot at unarmed pedestrians.

Joplin, Missouri

Town where Bonnie and Clyde took some of their most famous photos, with guns, cigarettes and their Ford V8 B400, while they were on their way to rob a few banks and kill a few county officials. While running out of the city they forgot their camera. 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

City with a lovable downtown center with river canals, brick houses and water taxis. It is also the place of a deadliest act of domestic terrorism, when one nutjob parked his F700 truck, full of explosive in front an FBI building.

Amarillo, Texas

Yellow Rose of Texas, also called Rotor and Bomb City, for its military industrial complex. City where you can eat 72 ounce beef steak for free if you eat it in less than 60 minutes and where you can enjoy sunset above the Cadillac apocalypse.

Gallup, New Mexico

City with a devil highway, possessed by cheap whiskey and a place where numerous Western movie stars took a nap. Be sure to visit Native American reservations of Navajo, Zuni and Hopi people and to try your luck in their casinos. Read the full article here>>>

Flagstaff, Arizona

Town from which astronomers discovered Pluto, which is also famous for its rail, symphony and lumberjacks, three thing that simply doesn’t go with one another, accept in Flagstaff of course. Not many people know that there is another Flagstaff currently riding through space. 

Winona, Arizona

The settlement that’s now in Flagstaff suburbia and that’s usually mentioned in songs when people want to rhyme something with Arizona. It is also the name after which country singer Wynnona Judd got is stage name.

Kingman, Arizona

Place where camels were first used on American continent and somehow this idea didn’t got so much attention, later Kingman went from camels to airplanes, with building a big airport and air force training base, which is now also a airplane bone yard.

Barstow, California

This is the place where drugs begin to take hold, and huge bats start swooping and screeching around your car, that is if you drive Red Impala convertible, high on mescaline trying to get to Las Vegas Ming 500. If not you’ll need to satisfy yourself with Western American Railroad Museum and Old Woman meteorite.

San Bernardino, California

This is the first and the biggest city that officially went on bankrupt, before Detroit. It is also one of the most significant places when it comes to American obesity epidemics, since the first McDonald’s burger opened in San Bernardino more than 70 years ago.
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The article is complementary of Branislav Srdanovic, Editor at Car statement web magazine, first place you should hit if you want to know insights about cars, their history and future trends.


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